The Natural by RSD Max

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The Natural is an online database of instructional videos on how you can become a natural with women.


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The Natural by RSD Max

The Natural by RSD Max

The Natural is an online database of instructional videos on how you can become a natural with women. It is the ‘game’ product by an instructor from RSD Nation, which is aimed at teaching guys how to become better with women.

However, this is aimed at learning the natural game, which is not the creepy techniques and canned lined approach often taught by others. Natural game is developing you as the prize and learning how to be the best you possible and attracting women by being your true self, not a canned or fake pick up artist, using lines others have told you to say or act in a way that is not really you.

‘The Natural’ became RSD Nation’s number one selling product and it is easy to see why. It is not about changing someone into a fake identity to con women, ‘The Natural’ is a unique product, it is about developing you and polishing and developing you into the star of the show and becoming attractive through your own development. It can work for anyone.

This course is built for you to get the insight and the knowledge of what it means to become a Natural with women.

But knowledge is worthless if you do not put it into action.

You see, many teachers of Natural Game tell you to just be cool, lean back and let the girl work for you. that is GREAT for who already have tons of experience.

Someone whos newer to the game will immediately FAIL, be confused and frustrated. I was there myself

And even intermediate and advanced guys struggle to get that edge that puts them on path to mastery

Youll need some TRAINING WHEELS to shuttle you through the necessary reference experiences

Thats why I have specifically designed EXCLUSIVE drills to help you step-by-step improve your game

I peppered the ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS with infield footage to give you the best learning experience possible

Its like football players learning from their mistakes by watching their performances on video together with their coach

Now lets get into the nitty gritty, the course is divided into five parts

1. Your New World

First we are going to define your new world outside of social conditioning.

Its a matter of perspective. And you can change your inner view of the world by installing POWERFUL FRAMES into your mind that will allow you to see the world with different set of eyes

2. Social Dynamics

The second part of this course is all about you learning about the hidden social dynamics

Hold on tight you’ll learn how to see the matrix

3. Building a Solid Foundation

The third part of this course will show you how building on a solid foundation will trump every technique youll ever learn

I will show you how you can uncover your reason for approach anxiety and then help you eliminate it

Why becoming social can be as easy as brushing your teeth if you make it a habit

4. Sharpen Your Skills

The fourth part is all about sharpening your skills, if you already have the fundamentals down and you lack consistency in your game then this section is specifically for you.

Learn my simple and easy formula of how to vibe with any women which can make her want you even more

I’ll also reveal how her not talking to you can be a good sign that she is interested in going home with you

5. Your Path to Mastery

The fifth part of the Natural is all about your path to mastery

This final act contains all my lessons from the past years that brought me to instructor level and will massively benefit you if you are at an advanced stage of game.

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