The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness

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The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness – Develop a Firm Foundation of the Principles You Need to Build Strength and Fitness.


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The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness – Logan Christopher

The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness

The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness – Develop a Firm Foundation of the Principles You Need to Build Strength and Fitness

This is the book I wish I had when I got started training. It would have eliminated so many false starts and unproductive sessions.

The sad thing is few trainees understand what it takes to get results. Even the simple concept of progression is foreign to most people. Because of this, you’ll see people in the gym lifting the same weight year after year. And that is just one component of what it takes to succeed.

I’ve been training successfully for many years now. I’ve reached a solid level of results in that time. I’ve also learned quite a bit. So I sat down to write a book that covered everything I knew of what it takes to become stronger and more fit. And it details all the different areas you must work on in order to achieve your goals.

You’ll find 11 Chapters of jam-packed training information.

  • Introduction (My Story)
  • Why Strength & Fitness?
  • Goal Setting and Your Training Plan
  • Progression is the Name of the Game
  • Systems of Strength
  • Recovery
  • Toughness
  • Mental Training
  • All-Around Training
  • Exercises
  • Workout Templates

A Taste of What You’ll Find Inside The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness

And over these chapters you’ll discover many useful things such as:

  • The Ten Components of Fitness and how phrasing these all in terms of movement will make you better
  • Have you ever suffered from Shiny Object Syndrome? Find the cure here.
  • The most important tool for your training success…
  • 8 Methods of Progression. Most people know the main ones but using the other can help you get unstuck.
  • How to properly set goals to make sure you succeed
  • The Double and Triple Systems of Progression explained
  • How many sets and reps? The age old question finally answered (and the answer may surprise you)
  • 3 Formulas for Strength (Mix and match at your own risk)
  • Intensity is an often misused term. Discover the difference between intensity and severity
  • How to make high volume training work for you
  • Biofeedback training, using your body to guide you
  • Strength versus Skill. Find out when and where this matters
  • Use the principle of Continual Adaptation to your benefit
  • The 7 Key components of recovery
  • Two healthful supplements that about 90% of the population needs
  • How to strike a balance between toughness training and sparing your body
  • 3 Methods of building Mental Toughness
  • The Varied Wave Progressive System
  • What to do when you Hit a Plateau?
  • Practicing vs. Training vs. Testing
  • How Consistency and Persistence are needed and how to practice them
  • Mental Training discussed in depth
  • Achieving the peak FLOW state each time you train?
  • How to almost ensure success of a lift each time you do it.
  • When to Psych Up and when not to?
  • Four different times to use visualization to engage greater effects on your body
  • The value of Compound Movements
  • The 4 Major Motions of the body described
  • How to work strength and conditioning at the same time
  • The 3 Often Neglected Areas of the body. Are you making this mistake?
  • The Darkside of Mental Training
  • And much more

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