The Art of Astral Projection – Steve G Jones

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The Art of Astral Projection – Discover How To Experience The Full Spectrum of the Wonders And Pleasures That Astral Projection Will Give You.


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The Art of Astral Projection – Steve G Jones

The Art of Astral Projection

The Art of Astral Projection – Discover How To Experience The Full Spectrum of the Wonders And Pleasures That Astral Projection Will Give You.

The concept of Astral Projection has been in existence for centuries now as it is as old as the concept of human beings.

It enables individuals to part from their physical bodies and travel to another world where laws that exist in the third realm, like gravity, space, and time, no longer exist.

Astral projection, also known as Astral Travel, allows spiritual separation and voyage of the spirit and body, allowing both of them to exist separately. Dr. Steve G. Jones wrote the book, ‘The Art of Astral Projection Beyond The Physical Realm,’ to further elaborate the magic behind this phenomenal skill.

What is ‘The Art of Astral Projection?’

All people possess an astral body, which connects to the physical body through your belly button (umbilicus) through the silver cord. Many people associate out-of-body experiences to near-death experiences. This is far from the truth.

This book on Astral Projection reassures readers that astral projection, which occurs during hypnosis or meditation, is one of the safest and most powerful methods to achieve an out-of-body experience whenever you want.

This package teaches you how to explore different countries and cities in an instant, how to find your life purpose, how to develop your natural Extra Sensory Perception skills (ESS), and how fully experience joy and happiness by using astral projection.

It also teaches readers how to use the power of astral projection in the real world and manifest them to change their lives into the one they desire.

As seen above, astral projection, as explained in this package, is an exquisite and powerful skill that can do a lot of amazing things in your life.

Features of the Astral Projection Package

This Astral Projection Program comes with a total of 14 audiobooks on different topics and five bonus materials for the ultimate astral projection experience.

Every item in this package is designed to guide you step-by-step to achieve and sustain a conscious out-of-body experience. The package equips you with the essential prerequisites required to obtain a genuine astral projection experience.

Consisting of 14 Empowering Audio Modules this system is designed to take you step step-by-step through the process of having and sustaining a conscious Out of Body Experience (OBE) by equipping you with the essential prerequisites needed to achieve a true astral experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included…

  • Module 1: What to Expect (Track A)
  • Module 2: The Art of Breathing
  • Module 3: The Power of Positive Affirmations
  • Module 4: Clearing Your Chakras
  • Module 5: Raising Your Kundalini
  • Module 6: Astral Projection Trance Work
  • Module 7: Astral Projection Hypnosis Session Binaural Tones
  • Module 8: Believing in Yourself and Confronting Fears
  • Module 9: Preparing for Astral Projection
  • Module 10: Out of Body Experiences
  • Module 11: Exiting Your Physical Body & Associated Fears
  • Module 12: Your Beliefs and Astral Projection
  • Module 13: Astral Sex and More
  • Module 14: 12 Strand DNA Activation Hypnosis

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