Sleep Hacking To Improve Your Health, Energy & Mind

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Sleep Hacking: Learn The Strategies To Improve Health, Energy & Mind While Getting Better Rest In Less Time.


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Sleep Hacking To Improve Your Health, Energy & Mind

Sleep Hacking

Sleep Hacking: Learn The Strategies To Improve Health, Energy & Mind While Getting Better Rest In Less Time

Do you wish you had TONS OF ENERGY?

Do you wish you had more time to be productive and do the things that you need, want and love?

Do you wonder how other people ALSO have 24 hours in the day but seem to operate on far less sleep and are incredibly productive?

If you want to be one of those people, then you have to TAKE this course in order to sleep less while having far more energy each day.

For the longest time, I would spend an average of 8 hours a night just sleeping….sometimes even 10-12 hours.

Even though my doctor kept telling that this was sufficient amount, I still found myself tired at times (UGHH). I was frustrated and I needed more time to achieve more so I decided to study and experiment.

Through numerous self-experimentations and optimizations over the last few years, I’ve cut down my sleep time down to exactly 6 hours of sleep and I’ve never had more energy. If you consider this change over a year, that’s more than 4 weeks of additional time THAT I GET TO SPEND DOING THINGS I WANT & LOVE.

In this course you will learn:

  • Achieving quality sleep so you actually feel fresh
  • A bunch of simple (and unique!) stuff you can do with light to get more energy and far better sleep
  • How altering your activeness, consumption, & environment can make a huge difference
  • The best ways to fall asleep to prevent yourself from waking up throughout the night
  • A blueprint to take action on everything in this course so that you can hack your sleep in no time at all

The class is delivered in easy to follow video modules that are broken up into numerous parts so that you can go at a speed that you’re comfortable with.

No matter who you are, I guarantee you’ll learn at least one thing from this class. Important Note: if you’re a chronic insomniac you should seek some professional guidance instead of taking a course on this.

Hack your sleep today and get tons of time back in your life!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who Wants More Energy & More Time
  • Anyone Who Wants Better Sleep

Your Instructor

Marcus Hayne – Best Selling Instructor, Online Entrepreneur, Visionary

”My passion is helping people through online courses. I have been creating courses and educating people since attending college at MIT as a Psychology major. I have created and helped produce hundreds of courses over the past six years. Now it is time for me to teach you all that I have learned from my various journeys and adventures through the world.

Due to my passion for learning new things, I have acquired a wide variety of skills. I have been able to master many things simply because of the way that I have trained my mind to absorb and implement newly found knowledge.

I am sharing all that I know through a variety of courses to help the world know more. If any of the topics below spark your curiosity, you’re in luck because I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to know!”

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