Sacred Power – Caroline Myss

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Our wellness is crucial to connecting with our higher self, and Sacred Power provides tools we need to identify the issues affecting our health and to take action to relieve them.


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Sacred Power – Caroline Myss

Sacred Power

Sacred Power – Caroline Myss

The time has come to discover the power of our mystical consciousness, the highest potential of our nature. Our wellness is crucial to connecting with our higher self, and Sacred Power provides tools we need to identify the issues affecting our health and to take action to relieve them.

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. She often says, “Our biography becomes our biology,” meaning that the circumstances of our life and especially the choices we make affect our wellness. One clear choice, no matter how insignificant, can redirect the course of your life.

What You Learn Inside Sacred Power

1. Medical Intuition

Everyone is born with intuitive intelligence. It is our primary survival skill — naturally attuned to balancing our health and emotions. Our energy system is designed to speak to us and keep us healthy. It is never not communicating with us, but we have to learn how to listen and act in order to achieve our best health. Caroline Myss takes us through the seven chakras to explains that this inner resource of ours is in fact a mystical skill and that your inner voice is part of your cosmic guidance system. So, how does your “inner intuitive” system speak to you? How does your energy anatomy system (think, chakras) work? And how much influence do you really have over the quality of your health?

2. Self Esteem

What is self-esteem? A type of confidence? Or something far greater? Beginning with a look at its roots in childhood, and branching into the rest of real-world daily experiences — including finances, relationships, and spirituality — Caroline Myss shares the incredible changes and core power that comes when we nourish this life-giving force. Self esteem is your fundamental power and the essential ingredient in intuition. Learn how to bring it into your life.

3. The Power of Choice

Power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience and choice is our most powerful tool. Caroline Myss examines the power of choice, highlighting the connection between making empowered life choices and the need to develop self esteem. For every choice, a consequence is set in motion, a thread of our life that becomes woven into the continuum of creation — which is why making even the smallest choice is so terrifying for so many people. Even more critical than knowing how to refine your sense of self is to confront the reasons why you sabotage your journey to becoming empowered. In our spiritual blood and bones, we know this is the truth.

4. Why People Don’t Heal

The belief is that we all “want” to heal, but the reality is that many people fear becoming healthy. Wounds become a part of a person’s identity, consciously or unconsciously, and we are not ready to give that up. Caroline Myss believes that we have relied upon the mind to do the soul’s task. While the mind continues our wounded narratives, true healing belongs to the power of our soul and confronting truth. We need to embrace the mystical power of the soul to truly understand that healing is an act of transformation, not a confrontation with an illness.

5. Defy Gravity

Whether we realize it or not, we are all anchored in a belief that God is on our side; that if we haven’t done anything bad, then nothing bad should happen to us. We want this world to be a reasonable place, but, to our human understanding, the nature of God is totally unreasonable. Our need for reason is a psychic weight that prevents the miraculous from happening. To free ourselves from that weight — to defy gravity — we have to make the choice to become spiritually unreasonable. Caroline Myss shares stories of ordinary people suffering physical and psychological ailments who healed in miraculous ways. She teaches us how to pray in this unreasonable universe, and demonstrates that healing is not only physical — it is also a mystical phenomenon that transcends reason.

6. Power of Archetypes & Myths

What do you need to know about the power of your own archetypes? Everything, actually. Knowing your archetypes can inform the course of how you think, how you make decisions, and most of all how you understand who you are. The everyday act of people-watching is actually the act of reading archetypes. That person looks like a geek? Another one looks like a healer? A successful entrepreneur? We are compulsive about labeling people. Caroline Myss spent 20 years teaching her body of work, Sacred Contracts, based on her belief that we have a primary grouping of twelve core archetypes that govern the journey of our life and that understanding these archetypes is crucial to understanding ourselves.

7. The Modern Nature of God

How we understand the nature of God is undergoing the most significant transformation in the history of humanity. Anger, disagreements, and disdain at traditional religions — coupled with their inability to keep up with the needs of modern people — have only encouraged us to distance ourselves from religion. Our traditions of Earth-centric gods are giving way to a galactic spirituality. Caroline Myss explains the reasons for our contemporary crises of faith, and for her optimism about the emerging path of organic divinity. This, she insists, represents the new expression of how we will experience the nature of the Divine. This is the era of the soul, and we are discovering that our soul is our greatest spiritual ally.

8. The Power of Your Words

A genuinely empowered person recognizes the authority that words carry. Caroline Myss invites us to pay attention to the words we use on ourselves and others. She points out that a healing vocabulary is a requirement for healing. When you use a word there are consequences; the impact of a single kind or cruel word can be astonishing and long-lasting. She gives several examples of words that we should be sure to add to our vocabulary and also words to avoid. There are words that empower and words that disempower, and we must choose our words carefully.

9. Invisible Acts of Power

Undergo a profound journey of personal empowerment with invisible acts of power. Learn the many ways you can create small but profound miracles, gain a greater sense of spirituality, and transform your life and others’ lives in an instant. What really takes place in the energetic field of life when someone responds to someone else in need? Caroline Myss explores the notion of grace as a sacred power that allows the invisible world to act in the visible world. She gives an example of grace as that inner voice that directs our actions away from cruelty and toward compassion. Grace gives us the tools to be the hands of heaven on earth. The invisible world isn’t just around us; it’s within us.

10. The Courage to Confront Evil

If you don’t understand the nature of evil, how can you be a force for good? Caroline Myss boldly investigates the spiritual nature of evil, the many masks it wears, the pitfalls we face as we choose to confront it, and the spiritual guideposts that will help us navigate through the darkness to become an instrument of holy power. Evil counts on you not believing in it. But “evil” and “good” are not simply abstract concepts — they are energies you can learn to feel in your body and soul. The journey of consciousness is deciding you need to align yourself with truth, and thereby disarm the power darkness has in you.

11. The Dark Night of the Soul

When you step up to the plate with the divine, be prepared to have your life reordered. Caroline Myss dives deep into the dark night of the soul and how to navigate it once it arrives in your life. Often misdiagnosed as depression, the true dark night of the soul is a spiritual crisis, not a psychological one. This is an archetypal journey, one that begins in the realm of the senses, but the destination is mysticism. Its purpose is to break you down and change your understanding of how the divine works in your life. It is a journey to embrace, though full of obstacles and challenges.

12. Living an Empowered Life

Sacred power completely transforms your life. And that’s what this episode — and this series — is all about. What does it mean to live an empowered life? First, you have to understand what empowered is. It’s not about speaking your truth, it’s about learning to tell the truth and pursue the truth. An empowered daily life takes a lot of work; you must truly commit to not living a wounded life. It is vitally important to have a daily practice for your soul and that this practice be built upon sacred truth. You need wisdom, you need to nourish your soul, you need a practice of consciousness, and you need grace.

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