Personality Advantage – Neeta Bhushan

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Personality Advantage -How to Rapidly Identify & Coach The 8 Human Personalities For Profound Results & Boundless Impact.


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Personality Advantage – Neeta Bhushan

Personality Advantage

Personality Advantage – How to Rapidly Identify & Coach The 8 Human Personalities For Profound Results & Boundless Impact.

Get The Personality Advantage today and finally understand human behavior at a deeper level so you can profoundly connect, transform and impact anyone

Master The Skills It Takes To Break Into The Un-Tapped, Lucrative Industry Of Business-Coaching, And Immediately Position Yourself As A Leader And An In-Demand Coach That Confidently Charges Premium Rates

The Personality Advantage” combines lessons from Neeta’s personal experience of overcoming multiple life adversities with decades of study, research, testing, and cross-cultural experimentation in the field of human psychology and dynamics.

The result is a program uniquely crafted for coaches to skillfully connect, transform, and impact their clients and the people they meet.

Here are 6 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:

  • You’ll have a deeper understanding of why human beings operate the way they do through the 8 personality patterns

These 8 personality patterns combine the different learnings of psychologists, philosophers, and modern scientists in the field of human behavior. In summary, this course is your shortcut to understanding the way 8 unique human personalities operate, take in information, and process decisions.

  • You can rapidly identify the personalities of people you meet and coach

This course doesn’t just tell you what the 8 personality patterns are. It will also guide you on exactly how to quickly and accurately identify the personality within the first few minutes of natural conversation.

  • You’ll achieve powerful shifts for your clients in less time.

When you have a deeper understanding of personalities, how they operate, and how they take in and process information to make decisions, the impact is profound. It will affect the level of depth and breadth you can take to navigate a client through their fears and challenges. You will be able to rapidly help your clients shift into a new paradigm to draw out powerful results and create lasting impact.

  • You’ll enroll clients with ease and create a thriving practice.

People love having a coach who truly understands them. With a deep understanding of human behavior and dynamics, you’ll be the coach who truly “gets” who they are, where they come from, and where they need to go. When you consistently know how to deeply connect with your clients and lead them through profound transformation, they’ll keep coming back to you and they’ll recommend you to the people they know.

  • You’ll enjoy greater income without burning out.

When you grow your business through more re-enrollments and recommendations, you’ll spend less time and money on marketing. This means greater income without needing to spend more time hustling for clients, and without getting caught in the vicious cycle of exchanging hours for dollars.

  • Unlock the freedom to live an exponential life.

When you create greater impact and income from your coaching practice, you gift yourself the freedom to live an exponential life. Spend more time with your loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul want to soar.

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Name of Course: Personality Advantage – Neeta Bhushan | Release Date: 2021

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