Making People Talk – Barry Farber

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Making People Talk: You Can Turn Every Conversation into a Magic Moment by Barry M. Farber.


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Making People Talk – Barry Farber

Making People Talk

Making People Talk: You Can Turn Every Conversation into a Magic Moment by Barry M. Farber

One of America’s leading radio talk-show hosts reveals the secrets of creating and sustaining lively and fun conversation, explaining how to ask for advice, and how to encourage people to talk about themselves

As host of a radio talk show in New York, Farber has become an expert at making people talk, and his book tells us how he does it. Along with numerous anecdotes about his own experiences as a professional talker, he offers good advice to those of us who are not conversational whizzes.

Learning how to get people to talk is not easy, but it can be rewarding in many ways. Farber advises advance research before a meeting or event, gives tips on how to ask for advice (everybody likes to give it), and points up the importance of listening.

Barry Farber knows the importance of conversation. For years he has occupied the hot seat in New York City radio on his late-night show. He has conducted some of the toughest interviews in show business – and he has learned under fire how to make people talk!

Now you can learn the conversational secrets of this consummate professional. Now you will rise above chitchat and small talk to engage in that kind of powerful connection that we have all experienced at one time or another – often when we least expect it.

Each aspect of Barry’s technique is set forth in the inimitable Farber style as easily consumed precepts that you can apply right away to daily situations, from an interview (learn to “talk up”) to preparing for a blind date (do research!).

Barry shows how you can be conditioned for conversation. He explains how talk should not “turn them off” and how you, the conversational instigator, are solely responsible for making talk happen. He reveals hundreds of techniques for getting people to talk about themselves (everybody’s favorite topic) and how to ask questions that reveal what’s special about them.

The book seems to be directed more at those aiming to get ahead in business or a profession rather than at those who just want to get a good conversation going, but there is something here for everyone. Good for self-help collections.

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