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Fifteen months ago I was commissioned and paid high six-figures to create an elite, one-of-its-kind, highly-evolved and advanced business building “group program” for 100 diverse Chinese entrepreneurs.


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OK.….. here’s the skinny:

Fifteen months ago I was commissioned and paid high six-figures to create an elite, one-of-its-kind, highly-evolved and advanced business building “group program” for 100 diverse Chinese entrepreneurs.

I was paid $400,000 and asked only to focus on THE most universal and success-probable techniques, strategies, tactics, and concepts that ANY Chinese entrepreneur – be they large or small, product or service, technical or non-technical – could immediately and profitably apply to dramatically increase the business they run and dramatically multiply sales, profits, and preemptive, competitive posture.

I must admit, creating the content/format and presentation language was unimaginably difficult – since my mandate was that every entrepreneur, for-profit CEO, professional start-up, technology company, service company, manufacturing company, distributor or professional – MUST be able to immediately grasp, apply, and profit from each two-hour intensive, non-theoretical, totally actionable session – or they would cancel and demand a full refund.

I sweated bullets, creating 13 segments that delivered consistent, meaningful, and outrageous results for each and every participant who applied these instructions.

But we did it, and (with all immodesty) we did it masterfully and epically – and exceeded my Chinese partners’ content expectations along with producing raving fans of every Chinese business owner on the call.

The resulting 13 modules were probably some of the clearest, most evolved, impactful, informative, and potent, action-based, new content I’ve ever done.

I Have a Conundrum…
One I Wish to Transfer in a Beneficial
Form Over to You!

Seriously. I was mandated by my Chinese partners to deliver the course in English at such a totally, clear-cut, graspable, actionable, and universally applicable language – that anybody on the conference calls could immediately run with each segment and profit meaningfully before the next session.

So now I have a conundrum. One I wish to transfer in a beneficial form over to you – if you’re “game.”

I’ve accidentally created more usable, elegantly simple, but breakthrough business growth instructionals (13) for Chinese entrepreneurs than I’ve ever created here in the U.S.

Partially, because it had to be fully translatable, fully graspable, and immediately usable.

So here is my dilemma:

This content turned out sooo impressive, sooo usable, and so profit-evoking – that keeping it for only Chinese entrepreneurs seemed wrong.

It’s not that I don’t respect and admire my preeminently-focused, core clientele in China.

Rather, it’s because its arguably more powerful instruction than I’ve shared in my $5000 and $10,000, 3-5 day programs of late.

So, after talking to my staff and wrestling with my conscience, and looking at all the deserving entrepreneurs just chomping at the bit, wanting to know specifically “how and what” to do to grow more buyers, get buyers purchasing larger units of sale, and get them repurchasing and referring…

I realized that withholding this epic Chinese content from you seems unethical.

However, I do not have the time or energy to edit or refine one word of these sessions because of my pressing client commitments.

What to do? What to do?

Here’s what I decided to try, but only for a handful of you – no more than 50 entrepreneurs, max.

I had our editors cut out ALL the Chinese translation and distill each segment down to a tight, fast-paced, (approx.) 60-minute session. We ended up with 13 sessions.

The average session contains NO LESS than 10 powerhouse distinctions. That’s 10 x 13 = 130 distinctions. Divide $1,000 by 130, that is only $7.69 a distinction! What kind of ROI do you have to get on a concept to get a return on a $7.32?


Name of Course: Jay Abraham – China Connection

Release Date: 2018

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Author Price: $1000

Our Price: $19

Delivery Method: Free Download (Mega, Pcloud)


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