Effort Free Life System – Chris Payne

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Effort Free Life System  – How 7 Powerful Minutes Can Transform Your Life! Listen to the entire program, including the bonus CDs. Give the amazing principles and strategies a real workout and test it for yourself.


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Effort Free Life System – Chris Payne

Effort Free Life System

Effort Free Life System  – How 7 Powerful Minutes Can Transform Your Life!

It’s not “magic” – but it can bring you years of miracles.

It’s not “get rich quick” – but it can unleash torrents of cash.

It’s not “strategic” – but it can blast you to the top in business.

It’s not “determination” – but it can effortlessly make your dreams come true.

What’s the mysterious 7-minute secret that crushes negative thinking, dramatically boosts self-confidence, and clears the way to life-long happiness as easily as breathing?

The Effort Free Life System is a stunningly simple way to automatically reprogram your internal “computer”. Because no matter how many courses or seminars you show up at… no matter how many books you wade through… it’s an inside job.

The truth is that the biggest obstacles standing between you and getting what you want are the limiting beliefs in your mind! And now there’s a way to easily recycle the toxic brain dump of garbage that’s been holding you back. It’s as easy and natural as breathing. And even better, it’s the magical way you used to naturally think as a child, before the world polluted your mind with misguided “grown up” realities!

Listen to the entire program, including the bonus CDs. Give the amazing principles and strategies a real workout and test it for yourself.

During your journey you will discover…

  • The single most important thing you must do to that will evaporate your stress, and how this one small shift in your thinking will flood your life with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • One simple quality that will magically attract abundance into your life. It’s so stunningly powerful; I couldn’t sleep a wink until I’d shocked a hard working waitress with a £600 tip! (Hint: She let this shine through like an irresistible beacon!)
  • How, in 2 minutes flat, you’ll effortlessly dissolve negativity completely, and drench your life with miracles.
  • The single most crucial thing you must do before you can change your thinking to guarantee your success! (Hint: It’s such an easy “no-brainer”, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it up to now!)
  • How to instantly melt away 3 “kiss of death” beliefs that will otherwise freeze you in your tracks, and stop you from succeeding before you even begin.
  • The tragically common roundabout view of the world that slams the door on abundance. Quick flip this bad habit on its head, and say hello to prosperity!
  • The rock solid foundation, where you must keep both feet firmly planted if you want to transform your dreams into reality.
  • How a dying man’s simple view of a blossom made millions see, and can still reach beyond the grave to help you bloom fully too.
  • The “one” resource you must have if you are ever to achieve your dreams! (This “shortcut-to-success” is crucial… if you don’t have it, you’re not going to get unstuck from your rut… and you’ll never realise the rich potential of your life!)
  • The most expensive 10-letter word that slithers through your life like a money-sucking snake, swallowing abundance and prosperity before they ever reach your door.
  • How the simple words of a brilliant Russian pianist can shine a spotlight on your success, and illuminate your path to prosperity.
  • How a clever woodsman’s tree-cutting contest will give you an “unfair advantage” in life, and have you smiling all the way to the bank!
  • The 2 surprising reasons that affirmations don’t work! You’ll never waste time mumbling meaningless phrases again when you get a load of this – instead you’ll be too busy counting your blessings every single day when you effortlessly plug into your full potential!
  • One easy habit that makes such an astonishing difference, it will “wrap its arms around you” like a long lost lover. You’ll hardly believe your eyes when you clearly see how miracles rush to embrace you everywhere you go! (Warning: This is habit forming… the more you feel the tingle of excitement, the more you’ll want to do it!)
  • How to get everything you want in life… without force, struggle, or unethical behavior! (It’s something you already say every day. Just redirect this simple skill, and sit back while money, good fortune, and enduring love race to meet you effortlessly!)

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