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Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith – Embark On A Transformational Journey That Re-Aligns All Aspects Of Your Being — Mind, Body & Spirit — So You Can Awaken Your Fullest Creation Power…


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Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith – MindValley

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith – Embark On A Transformational Journey That Re-Aligns All Aspects Of Your Being — Mind, Body & Spirit — So You Can Awaken Your Fullest Creation Power.

The Chakra Healing Quest is so much more than just learning how to use your chakras to elevate specific areas of your life.

What you’ll discover instead is a roadmap of the beautiful interplay that occurs between every single aspect of the human experience, and how you can find that delicate balance in every dimension of your life.

Each day of your 35-day journey, you’ll become more intimately connected to your energetic ecosystem. The deeper you go, the deeper your understanding of your true nature will become. And with it, you’ll unlock new gifts, new levels of self-mastery, and new tools to heal anytime life throws you off-balance.

But this isn’t a typical ‘chakra clearing’ course.

Anodea holds a Masters in clinical psychology, and merges both the ancient Eastern wisdom of the chakras with more modern, science-based Western practices, while engaging all aspects of you — mind, body and spirit.

What you’ll experience is a practical and holistic healing approach to address our biggest modern-day challenges.

What You’ll Experience When You Master Chakra Healing

  • Healing Traumas: You’re able to pinpoint past emotional and psychological traumas, and heal them permanently, freeing you from negative thought and behavioural patterns.
  • Fulfilling Career: You find yourself excited and driven about your work, as you start seeing more opportunities to uplift your professional life and your levels of abundance.
  • Passionate Love Life: Your sex drive heightens as you become irresistible to your partner. Expect to experience deep intimacy and mind-blowing orgasms.
  • Self-Esteem: Your confidence in yourself skyrockets as you start oozing charisma. Self-doubt virtually becomes a foreign concept to you.
  • Deep Relationships: You become more empathetic, and the people around will start noticing, as they start looking up to you as someone they can trust and rely on.
  • Communication: You speak with clarity and confidence, and never fear speaking your mind with your colleagues, your boss, and your family.
  • Intuition: Your ability to make the best decisions for your life sharpens, as does life purpose comes into focus.
  • Spiritual Connection: You feel connected to a higher power, be it God, the Universe, or your Higher Self. You feel endless gratitude towards yourself and others.
  • Rapid Manifestation: You quickly realize just how malleable your reality is, as you discover how to rapidly manifest your greatest desires with accurate precision.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: The Energy of Abundance & Pleasure

Discover how to influence your energy to help create the wealth and abundance you’ve always desired, and how to dramatically magnify your sex life, passion and intimacy with your partner. The secret? Balancing your Root and Sacral Chakras respectively.

Week 2: The Energy of Personal Power & Relationships

Experience an unshakable level of self-esteem and confidence as you heal your Solar Plexus Chakra, and develop an uncanny ability to connect more deeply than you ever thought possible with your friends, family and colleagues through your Heart Chakra.

Week 3: The Energy of Self-Expression and Inspiration

Gain the ability to speak your Truth with clarity and conviction, while tapping into a higher level of intuition so you can make better decisions and gain crystal-clear clarity of your life purpose. This all happens once your Throat and Third Eye Chakras are healthy and balanced.

Week 4: The Energy of Higher Consciousness

Tap into the final Crown Chakra, and experience an intimate and profound spiritual connection to your Higher Self, so you can enjoy an incredible level peace and tranquility you never thought possible.

Week 5: Mastering The Downward Manifesting Current

In the final week of your journey, you’ll learn how to use all seven chakras in unison, from your crown to your root, to achieve your greatest goals and desires with pinpoint accuracy.

About Your Instructor

Anodea Judith is one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of the chakras. With over 4 decades of experience teaching the subject, a Masters in clinical psychology, AND a doctorate in mind-body healing, Anodea’s work helped chart the profound correlation between the chakra system, human psychology, and our ability to self-heal.

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