5 Days to Your Best Year Ever 2019

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5 Days to Your Best Year Ever 2019 – Accelerate your goal achievement and build the life you want right now.


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5 Days to Your Best Year Ever 2019 – Michael Hyatt

5 Days to Your Best Year

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever 2019 – Accelerate your goal achievement and build the life you want right now.

You have the potential to live the life of your dreams in this year. But when you think about the future, all you see are roadblocks and obstacles.

Good news: you can have your best year ever, despite past setbacks.

Traditional goal-setting has failed you. What you need is an entirely different approach…

Your Best Year Ever is an online goal-setting and achievement workshop. It’s designed for action: this isn’t a university course that takes 9-weeks to complete. With about an hour a day for five days (or one half-day), you’ll have your path to success completely mapped out.

  • Discover the one thing you need for your goals, dreams, and ambitions to be possible (without it, no amount of planning can help you reach them).
  • Identify the anchor that can keep you from moving forward (and a specific framework to sever the chains).
  • Uncover the invisible block that keeps you stuck (and the one move that blasts you through it).
  • Face the truth of your most significant opportunity in 2021 (don’t worry, we’ll show you precisely what to do).
  • Become an expert at blending the essential ingredients of unsinkable goals.
  • Master how to construct “quit-proof” goals that keep you motivated to achieve them over the long haul.

Hi, I’m Michael Hyatt.

If you’re a business person, entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, pastor, parent, or someone who simply wants to live more intentionally, I can help.

As the former CEO of one of the largest publishers in the world and the current CEO of a fast-growing company, I learned how to set big goals and actually achieve them. In the past few years, I’ve been able to…

  • Become a #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author
  • Grow my company to 8-figures in record time
  • Be featured on the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row
  • Pour into my marriage of over 40 years.
  • Stay present for my 5 adult daughters and grandchildren.

Close the gap between reality and your dreams.

I attribute all of my success to a proven goal-setting framework—a simple but powerful process that I’ve built and refined over the course of many years. Not only has this system helped me achieve my goals, it’s helped over 25,000 people achieve theirs. It’s called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

5 Days to Your Best Year Ever will help you build on the goal-setting framework of The Full Focus Planner to set goals you actually achieve. Would you be willing to invest a few hours in order to set yourself up for a year of success?

That’s what 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever does. It’s a powerful online workshop that empowers you to set yourself up for your best year ever over the course of just 5 days.

Invest in 5 days now to make the remaining 360 the best you’ve ever had.

This is the most efficient way to finally achieve your biggest goals and take control of your year.

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